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Live Mango Fruit Tree (16 to 30 in.), Strong Mangifera Kent Mango Seedling

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  • Live Mango Fruit Tree (16 to 30 in.), Strong Mangifera Kent Mango Seedling image 2
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Growing from quality picked seeds, it has stronger root system

???? With our healthy mango tree you will have nothing to be worry when you have this tall and strong tree plant to continue the green and your future use

???? Kent is a reliable mango and can be very satisfying, particularly from Peru in mid-late season. Origin: The Kent mango was discovered in Florida in the 1940s by Leith D. Kent. It originated in Coconut Grove, Florida in 1945 from a seed of the Haden mango variety

???? YOU WILL LOVE IT: Featuring a mostly dark green skin with small patches of red blush, Kent mangos have gold-to-orange flesh that's both sweet and rich. I think mangoes that weigh a pound to a pound and a half have the sweetest taste. In general, handle a mango very gently, as it bruises easily

???? HOW BIG DOES IT GET: The tree is a vigorous grower, with a compact canopy and an upright growth habit. It can get quite tall (in excess of 30 feet (9.1 m)) if allowed to do so. Kent trees generally produce a large crop

????SHIPPING CARE: We have shipped thousands of plants safely to their destinations. We pack healthy, undamaged plant. Minor color discrepancies between the listed pictures and the actual plants you received is expected. Not all plants are “exactly” the same

???? Instructions

They need heat and humidity, so ideally there should be a climate that is humid and warm during the summer but dry and cold in the winter. In any case, it prefers short winters so as not to suffer much from low temperatures, since they do not tolerate frost or snowfall.

It is not necessary that it be very fertile, since it grows easily even in those with low fertility. Yes, it is very important that it has good drainage.

This type of tree is very wide when it grows, so you should plant it in a place where it has plenty of space to grow without problems.

It should receive natural light every day, a little sun, even for a couple of hours

It needs a lot of water, so if you plant it before the rainy season arrives, much better. You must give it water throughout the year, but carefully so that the roots do not rot. Ideally, you should put a mulch padding to keep moisture

Do it only twice a year, once in spring and once in summer, which is when it needs it to grow. Do not do it later as it would not do any good.

???? PLANT TREE PLANT GREEN: We delivery you our seedling, you grow the green.

The mango is a delicious tropical fruit that is very easy to grow in your garden and is also very nutritious, so if you can plant the tree, it will be an excellent option. If you have a garden and want to get the most out of it, fruit trees are a good opportunity since you can use their fruit and you will also have a nice tree to decorate your garden.